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Youth - Junior Bassmaster & Casting Kids

The Nevada Bass Federation holds several opportunities for our young anglers to compete in as well as events to enjoy throughout the year.

Each year we hold the Nevada Junior Bassmaster Championship. Young anglers ages 11 to 14 and 15 to 18 can enter and compete in grueling two day bass tournament against kids their own ages on fully rigged bass boats. The two winners in each age group will go on to represent Nevada at the Western Divisional.

Our Champions will compete there against kids their own age to be the best in the west and move on to the Federation National Championships and a shot at 23,000.00 in scholarship money.

Each year we hold Casting events, educational events and fun fishing events a lot of these are with the help of our adult Bass clubs. To become eligible and compete you must become a Junior Bassmaster and join our Junior Bass Club.

Southern Nevada Junior Bucketmouths

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